Our Core Values


At MCT Companies we like to say we bleed blue.

Bleeding Blue is a dedication and commitment to our co-workers, customers, and our Core Values. Our Core Values define who we are. They are the underlying framework for our decisions, interactions and relationships.


We are team players and have a selfless mindset. We build genuine connections and as a result trust and support each other. We are loyal to our team members, our customers and vendors.


We are problem solvers and doers. We let go of our ego and approach our work with an intent to deliver, succeed and serve. We lead by example and bias action. We strive to go the extra mile for our customers; “no and “can’t” are not words in our vocabulary.


We believe honesty is the only path and we will take a financial hit to do what is right. We understand the value of a great reputation and believe our reputation begins and ends with keeping our word.


We are never satisfied. We believe expertise and quality is a key differentiator so we constantly seek ways to improve, train and develop. We place an emphasis on producing results beyond what is expected.


We don’t take ourselves too seriously and find ways to laugh, joke and have fun together. We are passionate about our work and celebrate our wins. We cherish the life-long friendships and bonds made at MCT.