Carrier APU myths debunked!

Understanding the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) operations is key to keeping the driver happy with his equipment and life out on the road. With driver shortages it makes it harder to spend adequate time training on all the functions of the APU. Here are couple of common misconceptions about the Carrier APU that we can debunk for you:

“I pressed the blue reset button in the APU and nothing happened.”

The “blue reset button” some drivers are referring to is actually a cover to protect the APU control unit from water getting into the software update port. Often times we see this protective plug pushed in damaging the pins inside the APU control unit and exposing it to water ingress.

“There are three fuel filters on my APU.”

The APU has one inline fuel filter and one spin on fuel filter. The third fuel filter is actually not a fuel filter at all it’s a fuel check valve. The fuel check valve does not need to be changed unless it’s found to be faulty.

Hopefully this will clear up some common myths about the Carrier APU unit.