Vector™ 8500R Rail Refrigeration Unit

Unmatched reliability, efficiency and durability. Built to handle the rigors of intermodal and rail duty.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Vector 8500R. Offers lower fuel consumption, reduced maintenance cost, cleaner emissions, lower noise, and most important total lower cost of ownership.
  • APX Control System. Combines future-forward technology with a people-friendly design. The result is remarkable control intelligence and system reliability with amazingly simple operation.
  • Nationwide support network. More than 200 Carrier Transicold authorized dealers available throughout North America with experience and expertise to provide safe, reliable service wherever needed.
  • RailCare™ warranty. Includes travel time and repair set-up for on-site assistance.


Performance Specifications

Cooling/Temperature Capacity:
Ambient at 100°F (38°C)
Speed: 1,200 rpm diesel

Evaporator Return Air Temp.Diesel Operation
35°F ( 2°C)60,000 17,585
0°F (-18°C)35,000 10,260
-20°F (-29°C)24,0007,035