Lithium Ion Electric Auxiliary Power Unit

Quiet, Emission-Free Cooling
Maximum Runtime, Battery Life and ROI

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Lithium Ion Electric APU Brochure PDF
  • Advanced Li-ion Technology: The ComfortPro® electric auxiliary power unit (APU) with li-ion batteries (250ION) significantly outperforms conventional electric APU runtime and battery life, providing quiet, emissions-free performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Less, Yet More: Using proprietary power-management technology, two li-ion batteries do more than the work of four AGM batteries, achieving 17 hours of continuous air conditioning under certain real-world conditions, the longest of any electric APU. That’s double the runtime of some competitive models and 50% more runtime than our AGM-battery model, while trimming APU weight by 26%.
  • Purpose-built Batteries: Advanced li-ion batteries are engineered specifically for APU applications. An extremely power-dense and durable solution, they charge faster and experience less power degradation over time compared to conventional batteries. Warrantied for worry-free performance for five years, outlasting some fleet trade cycles.
  • Fuel Savings: Fuel savings and compliance with anti-idling regulations are immediate as soon as the truck engine is shut off and the ComfortPro electric APU is turned on.
  • Low Maintenance System: With few moving parts compared to diesel APUs, ComfortPro electric APUs minimize maintenance expenses.
  • Faster ROI: Compared to a diesel APU, the li-ion ComfortPro electric APU has a lower total cost of ownership resulting in faster ROI.*


Performance Specifications

Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)
BatteriesTwo 12.8 V li-ion batteries with 5-year warranty
CompressorFully sealed electric compressor
Dimensions21.5" x 25.2"x 28.1" (638 x 640 x 714 mm)
Weight with Batteries347 lbs.
Under Bunk Climate Control Unit
Air conditioning7,500 BTU/hr.
Airflow240 CFM
Dimensions15" x 9.6" x 12.5"
Weight30 lbs.
Control Panel Configurable Features:
Programmable heat and cool
Energy-saving Comfort Monitor mode
APU battery charge monitor
Configurable Cabin Pre-Cool Lock to extend battery life
Accessories and Options
Fuel-fired air heater 7,000 BTU/hr. – keeps cab warm in colder ambients
Fuel-fired coolant heater with engine warming 17,200 BTU/hr.- adds engine pre-heat capability
Shore power adapter – enables the APU to switch over to 110/120 – volt household power for operation and battery charging
Inverter for 120 VAC hotel loads