Electric Auxiliary Power Unit

Emission-free comfort. High performance cab climate control.

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ComfortPro® electric auxiliary power unit (APU) quietly cools the cab for driver comfort throughout the night, during breaks and rest periods using energy supplied by the tractor.

Emission-Free Comfort

  • Low Maintenance system
  • Quiet, engineless air conditioning
  • Up to 11 hours runtime with comfort monitor
  • Quick-charging AGM batteries
  • Customizable capabilities for heating, power and more
  • Compatible with shore power


Performance Specifications

Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit)
BatteriesFour group 31 AGM batteries (total 400Ah)
Dimensions21.5" x 25.2"x 28.1"
Weight470 lbs.
Under Bunk Climate Control Unit
Air conditioning7,500 BTU/hr.
Airflow580 CFM
Dimensions15" x 9.6" x 12.5"
Weight30 lbs.
Control Panel Configurable Features
Energy-saving comfort monitor mode
Cabin pre-cooling and heating
APU battery charge monitor
Diagnostics with time stamped and stored fault codes
Accessories and Options
Fuel-fired air heater 7,000 BTU/hr. – keeps cab warm in colder ambients
Fuel-fired coolant heater with engine warming 17,200 BTU/hr.- adds engine pre-heat capability
Shore power adapter – enables the APU to switch over to 110/120 – volt household power by circumventing the battery system for extended use times.
Inverter for 120 VAC hotel loads